Monday, November 3, 2014

daylight savings, you saucy beast

I know, everyone else seems thrilled to have gotten an extra hour of sleep – but I don’t love clock changes in any direction, my brain cannot adjust and then I am always hungry at weird times. I would much rather have a no change schedule, get me up in the dark give me sunset after 5 PM and I am way happier.

Why daylight savings is stupid, according to me.

I forgot that my stove and microwave clocks had not been adjusted. I was roasting potatoes that were not going to hold up if roasting did not occur soon. See that it’s 11:30, sure I ate breakfast at 8:30 (was using the phone when I had cereal), but why not make eggs and eat this with some potatoes. Oh yeah, it’s only really about 90 minutes after breakfast when I realize it after I’ve made the eggs. Yay for second breakfast which is something I only expect of athletes and mothers who get up with their kids at 4:30 AM.

I don’t sleep in anymore, 7.5 hours is what the body needs at most. I can go with less, but once I get past 8 hours I am exhausted. Sundays snoozing I miss you. I am awake now at 4:45 forcing additional sleep to make me more tired.

I wanted to eat lunch at 10:30 today. I was so hungry that I ate all my snacks before noon (two apples, I am not a horrible snacker).

Sunset before 5 PM is just crazy. It was night time at 4:45 which is insane to me

Can we settle on one time for now and forever? Thanks!