Monday, July 28, 2014

i hate boats

There I said it, I hate boats.  I don’t hate all things about boats, I just really hate social outings on boats. Why you might ask? Well my friends, there’s no way to exit the boat unless you want a swim. My big point is, you hold people captive when you put something on a boat, there’s no ebb and flow of people casually exiting or gracefully showing up a tiny bit late. Boats are an all or nothing venue, I cannot run late, I cannot leave early – I hate the boat. The irony here, is when I can leave places a lot of times I don’t want to go, I’ll stay all night long – but without the option I feel a bit claustrophobic and trapped.

So, please I ask you – nothing on a boat, if you want me to commit. 

(image via pinterest, originally by Peter Walker)

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