Thursday, December 20, 2012

an obsession

I know I am hardly the first person to be obsessed with Pinterest, I mean everyone gets into it to some level. I find that I cannot not stop myself from playing on it with my phone when I commute, a little before bed at night, for a 2 minute break at work. Looking at pretty things – clothing ideas, food I have never made (one day, I promise), just is so addictive. I also feel a high every single time I get an email telling me anyone (friends, strangers, particularly strangers) liked or repinned my selections.  Also, I find that when I head home to visit the family, evening when my dad is commandeering the television for football, and my mother is usually sleeping sitting up at the kitchen table (it’s amazing to see- I know who I get my ability to sleep anywhere any time from) – I am like ok I’ll Pinterest for the next two hours. For some reason it is a great way to get me ready for an insanely early bedtime. I am looking forward to a nice weekend with the family and Pinterest (if you'd like to follow me- see here).

(photo from pinterest)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

penny lane

I am really digging the metallic colors for nail polish for the holidays this year – it feels festive without the standard reds and greens.  I’ve been sporting gold nails a lot, but on a recent trip to the salon I decided that copper it was the next choice for me. I really like the shiny new penny look on the finished product, but if feels more muted than gold I've been sporting. How do you feel about metallic polish colors? Do you like to be trendy with the polish or are you more of a classic reds and pinks, or french manicure type?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letters to Norby #16

Dear Norby-

I might be a terrible auntie on your first Christmas- particularly if I head to your home state before your presents get delivered to my work (go Amazon go – supposed to get to work today by 8PM, and my last day in the office is Wednesday).  My sincere apologies for this last minute craziness- I really do want you to have a great first Christmas with the family. I realize we are a still a good couple of years until you are really fun at Christmas- tearing open gifts, leaving cookies for Santa, staying up late to hear the reindeer play on the roof. That doesn’t mean I won’t be happy to run through all the traditions this year with you – but hopefully not the one where your aunt mails you your presents on December 27th.

Looking forward to leaving out carrots for Rudolph

Love your favorite auntie

(photo from the Esty Shop - BBsForBabies)

Monday, December 17, 2012

flash... lights lights

Last week for 12-12-12, I challenged myself to a photo challenge - to try to take twelve different pictures through out the course of the day. I did kind of forget that working all day can mean for less then ample opportunities to take exciting photos or hit unique spots to not have some standard photos. I think instead I ended up attempting to be artsy, while at work- notice the food pictures. Oh well, I managed to do it... less then glamorous, but I completed.

 1) My fruit for the day that was still at my house, 2) my funky shoes, photographed while still on - interesting take on the self portrait, 3) a fun shot of my headphones- my saving grace at work for when people are loud or too quiet

 4) My OCD coming out in the lining up of my orange - even columns and rows 5) my colleague's adorable Christmas tree at her desk, its mini and awesome, and I kind of want to steal it 6) part two of my orange- in a more artistic setting after I ate a few slices

 7) The trees near work that are near 43rd street- I think I creeped out the girl sitting next to it, but I saw it as my opportunity to get something less officey, 8) the number 12 in my friends apartment building elevator - not exciting, but it was the number 12!!! 9) A fuzzy shot of the tree in Bryant Park - it's blue - I love blue

10) My neighbor's window - now it was taking a turn for super creepy standing on the street photographing their window - but I love that window and that tree, LOVE!!! 11) the tape on my tacos - from Taco Truck- dinner was never better, 12) wrapping an ornament for an exchange I signed up for on another blog

Thursday, December 13, 2012

i will follow...

So, recently I’ve noticed that when I pick television programs to adopt or try out for regular rotation, I gravitate to either writers or producers I like, or actors that I have a fondness for based on prior shows I watched. I currently love Parenthood and I can attribute this as it’s from the creator of Friday Night Lights – Jason Katims, and has Lauren Graham in it. I never would have started watching without one of those two things. I also completely appreciate that several people from Friday Night Lights have made guest appearances since the start of the show – it’s like catching up with old friends from time to time. I am totally hooked on Nashville, primarily because I have a complete girl crush on Connie Britton, and I pretty much want her relationship with her husband from Friday Night Lights (are we seeing a theme yet? Go watch FNL now, and tell me it’s about  football – it’s all about the marriage in my opinion). The other show I really enjoy is Revenge because of Emily VanCamp – I’ve been a fan since Everwood – which is one of the best shows ever. I also like the edginess of the show, but Emily convinced me by being cast in it that I had to watch it. Do you follow people to new shows?

(photo from pinterest)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well today is the last time in my life time, unless I make it to 118 years old (and very very close to 119 years old), that I will see a date with all three numbers the same- month- day - year. It feels like a magic sort of day- one that should be memorable to say the least. Or at least something that I should attempt to do something throughout the day twelve times. So what to attempt to complete twelve times…  I think I am going to try to capture something on my camera 12 times and then share that with all of you early next week (you know, once I have time to get organized and write my post). Not everything will be exciting, but maybe it will be interesting to look back on a day in my life through pictures.  Hopefully, I’ll enjoy trying this, or there will never be a follow up post to this wacky idea. Wish me luck.

(photo from it starts with me)