Tuesday, December 6, 2011

picture in a locket that I wore around my neck

I found this locket from Etsy, from the same shop I bought this necklace earlier this year. I wasn't really shopping for anything particular for myself, I was looking for a unique Christmas gift for my sister, since she's a big fan of jewelry - but more on her gift after she receives it. What drew me in to this necklace, despite the same old time feel of the other one I have, is the unique statement inscribed on the oval. A definition of the word Heart, in terms of the organ that keeps us alive. Immediately drawn to how a piece of jewelry that is meant to hold a picture of your loved ones, has a very different meaning of heart written on it, is supremely ironic and clever. The necklace takes into account the two things that keep us alive - the heart beating inside each chest, and a place to love with in each of us.

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