Friday, July 26, 2013

missing – real shoes

Summer 2013 has been a bit of downer for me, primarily because of my stress fracture in my foot. It’s such a bummer not to be active, particularly during the nicest parts of the year. So, I’ve put together a montage of my footwear so far for this summer.

In the middle of June, I spent a week in a soft cast with an orthopedic shoe. This was probably the worst of the lot, as I couldn’t get the soft cast wet- which meant having to bring tape and plastic bags on a work trip, and having carry bags around in case it started raining. I was very happy to get cut out that one.

I followed the soft cast into a boot, which was accompanied by a compression sock. The fun part of this one was that it was the hottest three weeks- so I felt like all I did was sweat in the boot and the sock. Lots of hand washing  the sock at night and baby powder was my best friend.

Currently, I am in sneakers for most of the time, slowly incorporating flats into my work day. I will tell you I am a complete snob about this- I HATE sneakers with dress clothes, it’s so tacky in my eyes. However, since I am desperately trying to heal, and not reinjure myself (who wants another 6 plus weeks of casts and boots?), I have been wearing my sneakers.

I am looking forward to August when I can hopefully wear some of the pretty sandals I bought before I got hurt.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

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PS - I love ShAmy - looking forward to the Big Bang Theory coming back.

(picture via pinterest)

slightly obsessed

I am completely loving everything about the royal baby, it’s been such a fun week following all the latest and greatest news about that little bubby. I’ve read countless articles on the little one from how he was named, how the now family of three left the hospital.  I also really loved Kate’s going home dress- she’s so graceful and lovely, and completely a real person.  Looking forward to seeing the (future, future, future) King grow up, but have as normal a life as a prince can.  Welcome to the world little guy!

(photo from pinterest)

Monday, July 22, 2013

lego house

I have lived in the New York metropolitan area for just about six years now (whoa baby), and I made my first ever trip to FAO Schwartz this past weekend. Having seen the movie Big more times that I should admit, that store seems much bigger to me in the movie. Thought it probably wasn’t teaming with wall to wall parents and kids. Lots of people in one space, no matter how large always feels smaller.  That said, I want to live in the Lego section of the store- it’s so cool what you can build with those bricks. I saw the architecture series and could definitely see myself building a little Lego Sydney Opera House just for fun on a rainy weekend. Apparently, I am a cross between a grandmother and a twelve year old when it comes to things that excite me- yay puzzles!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dad is Fat

This book was hysterical – and I found Jim Gaffigan extremely entertaining as he wrote about raising his five children in a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. As someone who is in Manhattan daily (yes, yes, I live in Jersey – however I beg you to look at a map and you will see I live closer than people who live in the Bronx to the great vast that is NYC), I am impressed with how people make apartment living work with children. If you spend any time with little kids this book will make you laugh out loud. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for some smiles.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


These bruises
Make for better conversation
Loses the vibe that separates
 It's good to let you in again
You're not alone and how you've been
Everybody loses
We all got bruises

 Loving everything about this song these days... hope you also enjoy!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Someone recently told a friend of mine, that he thinks I am awesome. Which at first I was like oh that's a pretty good compliment - but what does that mean? The reason I ask, is because well if you asked me to describe cheese, I would probably tell you I think cheese is pretty awesome.

So, undetermined if awesome is truly a compliment worth getting, or if I've inadvertently have found myself to be compared to cheese.

(photo from west elm)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

life's a bowl of cherries

OK not really, I am totally having a bad week- some of which might be my own neurotic behavior to blame. I am over thinking a bit these days, but I do suspect my suspicions about a certain situation are true, which is just a bummer. Anyway, I am working on snapping myself out of my funk, as there’s always someone out there going through things a lot worse.  In order to feel better I think I am going to treat myself to a pedicure after work today, nothing like some gossip magazines and someone else rubbing your feet to make you feel better.

PS – I totally downloaded the iphone app “OVER” to write on photos. It made me feel fancy like a real blogger.

Monday, July 8, 2013

the lion in the lei shop

Summer time television is terrible – I cannot get on board with anything so I primarily have either been watching Full House reruns (I know, it’s so cheesy but I cannot stop myself no matter how hard I try), or reading like there’s going to be a test on the chapters the next day at work.  I just finished a great book, The Lion in the Lei Shop by Kaye Starbird, which is about a family impacted by the attack on Pearl Harbor. I liked how the book was narrated by both the little girl and her mother, giving slightly different memories of the same events. The author did a great job capturing the different viewpoints for both characters and their family and friends.  If you enjoy historical fiction based on real events, I highly recommend picking up this book for some summer reading.