Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey Mr. DJ…

I am very into spin these days – there’s something about good music and low impact on the joints (no I am not 90, but recall last summer when I stress fractured my foot from lots of impact). I’ve been hitting 2-3 spin classes a week within my work out routine and I’ve been loving it. I definitely have tried almost all the trendy spin places in New York – FlyWheel, Revolve, Studio 360, and I am about to try Soul Cycle this coming Saturday. Soul Cycle is apparently life changing according to a few of the regulars I know. Right now I am really loving Revolve because there isn’t a bad spin instructor in the group – no one to avoid because you hate the music, or the instructor isn’t motivating you the right way.  Last night I went to Revolves Live DJ ride and it was freaking fantastic. I’ve never had so much fun in a spin class before. The music was epic, it was perfect – every song I was like okay I got this, and when the ride ended I kind of wanted to go dancing.  I highly recommend a live DJ spin class if you get the opportunity.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

have an awesome weekend

Hope you have an awesome weekend. This little video made me smile and I hope it makes your Friday that much more fun!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I not so secretly love One Direction. I am way too old to love 1D, but I really enjoy the songs.  The Story of My Life – it feels like my heart is beating along in time as the boys sing to me.

My pedicure wears off on the middle toe always. I’ll have full polish on all my other toes, but the middle toe will just be naked. It’s really weird.

Sometimes for dinner, I’ll eat two string cheese pieces and that’s it. I don’t always want to make food, and that’s easy and cheesy.

The Little Mermaid makes me cry (the movie). I don’t like that she has to give up her family for love, so when she hugs her dad good bye, I lose it.

I hate activities that involve boats. You cannot leave a boat a sea and it makes me feel trapped.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter weekend in review

I find that I've been enjoying reading everyone's weekend recaps recently. It seems that so many bloggers have such interesting weekends, I feel like a lot of my weekends involve me going to the gym and catching up on the DVR, and you know cleaning my apartment at least a little bit. If I am really lucky, I get a trip to Trader Joe's in there. I do see friends and have meals, but I am totally fine on those weekends where I only see people at spin or walking along the pier.

This past weekend, I made my way up to Massachusetts on Friday, and spent time with family and friends enjoying what I now call European Easter weekend (Friday and Monday off, like a proper Brit). Upon my arrival, my sister and I broke my nephew out of day care and had lunch together at home followed by family nap time. Nap time was amazing, I conked out on the couch for an hour or so to be pleasantly woken up by Norbs tickling my toes - definitely a nice way to be displaced from slumber. Once we all were up, we made our way to my parents house so that Norbs could play with Grammy and Grampy. Which then caused my sister and I to sneak away for a trip to Wegmans and Walmart (I love suburbia). I found a few gluten free goodies at Wegmans including some delightful Belgium beers and cupcakes. I got to head home to a mom made dinner and time catching up with my people.

Saturday, I was handed the keys to the car and got to head up north to visit one of my friends for lunch and a personal baby shower, since I missed her real one a few weeks ago. Whenever I drive it makes me feel like a newborn deer taking her first steps - it's so scary after being car-less for the last seven years. I probably on an average year log between 4-8 driving hours total - which makes me hate trucks and get heart palpitations when I have to merge. I made it, but I think I took a few years off my life while driving. I love getting to walk everywhere, really I do.  I was really excited to catch up, see the babies nursery with the softest rug my toes have felt recently, and get to make a square for a quilt for the boys. Once I returned home, my parents and I watched House Hunters where I made them play the game of which house will the people choose - mom liked it more then dad. We then headed out to the local restaurant, where my parents frequent at least twice a week - I had a salad with chicken that was delightful and dad got us scratch tickets to play before the meal came. I ended dinner with $50 extra in my pocket. When I got home, I took the dog for a long walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the spring temps and walking around my elementary school too.

Sunday, my sister came over early with the baby (big boy), and he did an Easter egg hunt around my parent's house,We went to the playground and had the best time. Grammy did all the catching down the slide while the rest of us ran around the park with the Norbs. My nephew is so much fun to play with - he is more fun every time I get to see him. After play time, the family had a nice dinner and just hung out in the evening.

It was so nice to be home for an extended amount of time. I love going to visit for extra long weekends- two days is never enough.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

twosday II windows & doors

Happy Twosday! This week’s theme is one that is near and dear to my heart – windows and doors. If you want to see more of my windows and doors, head to instagram and use the hashtag: #doortour – I am obsessed I tell you.

Also, if you can – please go visit the other blogs in this link up- most  of the other bloggers are fantastic photographers and worth the look. I am envious of their ability to capture such cool pictures.

Twentieth Street

Thursday, April 17, 2014

three cheers for easter weekend

Hello dear readers. My apologies for my sporadic posts lately (every time I use the word sporadic, I think of the movie Clueless) – spring is keeping me busy and away from the blog a bit more than I would like.  Anyway, I am heading into a four day weekend starting tomorrow and I get to head up to Boston and see the family for the weekend. I am very excited to get some play time with Norbs- that boy is getting so grown up, I look forward to the day when he just starts talking to me and never looks back. I also get to have lunch with a friend and see the nursery she’s set up for her little ones – I am ridiculously excited to see the babies (yes, babies as in more than one) room.  I missed her shower, so I’ve got a few little surprises for the wee ones (I’ve also been trying to come up with names – like Julian, Jiles (like Giles), and Jilbert, because well I am weird).  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!