Thursday, April 25, 2013

good day sunshine...

Just wanted to share a lovely snapshot from my run in the park this afternoon. It's gorgeous out there so I hope you are getting to enjoy some of the spring time weather.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

perfect duet

Last week while on vacation  there was lots of time riding in the car- something I am not use to as much anymore. Thank you New York and the ability to walk or take the train everywhere. My friend Melissa and I spent a lot of time listening to a Broadway themed Pandora station - which was surprisingly heavily focused on Disney classics. My favorite moment was when during a "Whole New World" we pulled of the duet perfectly - each of us taking either Aladdin or Jasmine. It amazes me that after all these years I still remember all the lyrics. Have you ever just hit your own Broadway moment?

(photo from google)

Monday, April 22, 2013

remember when....

I was on vacation last week? I already miss being away- that took all of 40 seconds to be like oh ok, I am back to real life and work. Which means, it’s time to start planning the next trip – which is always my favorite thing to do upon returning from any vacation. I’ll definitely get to more highlights when I have some time to decompress and reflect on last week’s adventure- which it was truly amazing and so much fun.  I’ll have to go through some of the pictures to give you all a little treat of what was done while in the west (I kept calling Arizona the West Coast – though, there isn’t any ocean). The photo above is from a very cold day on the Grand Canyon – and yes, I am dressed like a ninja because that was my warmest outfit.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

i hear a symphony..

One more workday... that's it... I can make it right? Right now vacation is so close but still so far away. I have a million and half little things to do to get out of town, however I am just getting to the point of knocking a few off the list. Here's hoping Friday's uber productive but fast.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tuesday treats

Oh hello gorgeous magnificent day. Today was AMAZING… 80 degrees outside at lunchtime and I took a full hour out to enjoy some salads and good company. Can it be summer every day?

Friday, April 5, 2013

happy musings to end the week

A few things rounded out a long week at work (I love month end close- really I do):

Almond & Coconut Kind Bars – supposedly “healthy” it still tastes like Girl Scout Cookies to me

Kicking it at my workout five mornings this week. It’s a new month so all new workouts meaning my mind’s confused and my muscles are like oh hello.

A workout that included the musical stylings of *nsync (I was a JC girl back in the day)

Leaving early on a Friday afternoon – I got the smile and nod from the boss last night, like duh go and get to weekend

Rediscovering my love of Garth Brooks – and remembering classic favorites  such as “The Summer” and “Two of a Kind”

A weekend guest who I’ve been looking forward to seeing for a long time

(photo from pinterest)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

counting to....

Well it’s officially in the 10 day forecast- which means I can start getting super pumped up for my first official 2013 vacation.  I am heading off to Arizona for a week of adventure and relaxation. I’ve never been to the Southwest before, so I am really looking forward to seeing somewhere new. I will finally get to visit the Grand Canyon (anyone else remember when the Brady Bunch went there? I think Bobby got lost and then when he was found the whole family got American Indian names), and seeing just the natural beauty of the desert. I cannot wait for a few days by the pool as well, soaking up some sunshine and relaxation. There’s still a lot to do to get ready to get out of town, including finding some good vacation reads and picking up some much needed sunscreen. Anyone have any tips they want to share?

(photo from pinterest)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Silver Linings Playbook

I am behind the times - right around when the movie, “The Silver Linings Playbook” was released (I think it was last fall?), half of the bloggers I follow wrote about how amazing the book was. It was on my list to be read the book by Matthew Quick ever since several people claimed this to be one of their all-time favorites, and it certainly did not disappoint me.  Even though I hadn’t seen the movie (there were Oscar nominations though, so that makes the plot fair game), I had an idea of the premise  - but it was the style of writing that made me not want to put this book down, it was so honest and such a powerful story. I also will say I just loved the name Pat Peoples – it still makes me smile – I love unique names. I thought the detail regarding Pat’s mental illness was very interesting  and how he and those around him dealt with the issues surrounding all of their lives – everyone was impacted by him, for good and bad.

(photo from tumblr

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

lost and found

Last week I was extremely absent minded and left various things at various places- and really did not expect to find things exactly where I left them, but to my surprise there they were. I left my combination lock that I’ve had forever at the gym, as I like to hang it on the hook inside the locker while I am in and out of it- that does make my life a bit easier than tossing it in my bag and digging for it each round of a wardrobe change. I left the lock on Friday morning, and imagine my surprise when I found this morning- hanging on the hook in the locker- it was like oh hi there Jill – you came back for me (and here I was planning on purchasing a new one after work).  This made my day- all before 9 am…

(photo from Luda Onischuk)