Friday, May 30, 2014

lions, tigers and bears

Oh my… one of my favoritest people is having triplets this year. I couldn’t be more excited for her and her husband. It also weirds me out a bit that this is the girl who use to get me out of bed in college to go get pizza at 11PM just to hang out (how are you old enough to be a mom?!?!?!). I know these are going to be some of the best loved children – and so much trouble. I have visions of perfect little triplets playing together, making friends, and just having an amazing sibling support system for their entire lives.  I have self-proclaimed to be an auntie to these children, so of course I want nothing more than to spoil the wee ones as much as I possibly can. I also fully volunteer (just like Katniss, well okay, not really, I am not fighting to the death) to be a regular baby holder whenever an extra pair of hands are needed.

On my first official act of spoiling three little babies, I found the most adorable set of onsies for the triplets. How cute are the animals and I personally love The Wizard of Oz theme. At time of purchase, I still wasn’t sure of the mix of boys or girls will be, and these are gender neutral and so cute. One of my rules of thumb when purchasing baby goodies is always go big, as kids grow fast and so many other people tend to go for the new born clothing.  Also a good tip for baby gifts, is there is absolutely nothing wrong with some practical gift giving – think diapers, lotions, destin, teethers, etc. 

I cannot wait to meet these little ones in person! Looking forward to seeing them grow up and be amazing people – just like their mom and dad.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

call me, maybe?

As most people are, I am permanently attached to my cell phone- it's one of those items that's always  either in my hand or not too far from it. I've been looking for a new case to brighten up my day, when I found this adorable elephant printed cover on etsy. The little tiny one makes me surprisingly happy. Have you found anything interesting on etsy lately?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

girls just want to have fun


Happy Tuesday everyone - I hope those of you in locations that had long weekends this past week had a great time. I was lucky enough to head out of town, up to Boston to introduce one of my dearest work colleagues to other dear work colleagues in the area, and spend part of the weekend with the family. There was lots of yummy cocktails, food and seeing a bit of the sites from the Top of the Hub (honestly the best place to have a nice drink with a great view in Boston). There was also some playing with the nephew and having a proper cookout with the family.

Looking forward to the next long weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2014

from my bookshelf

I had doing a good job avoiding starting book five of the Game of Thrones - I read quite a few books before I started into the final published book - it was a good little break. I've been so invested in GoT since the beginning of the year, it was refreshing to read something with new characters.  Here's some new recommendations for books I've enjoyed recently.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. A teenaged girl returns to the family summer time home as her father battles his final months with cancer. A coming of age book, as the main character has to redeem herself with the summer friends she hurt years ago, as well as deal with a major family tragedy. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more.

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. A book that takes place in Australia, and all the husbands have a secret or two up their sleeves, but the all the characters are very interestingly intertwined. My heart broke for several of the characters, but there was also redemption. Moral of the story, everyone has a secret, but hopefully people are good deep down.

The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. A return to an author who touched my soul on the last book I read by her. Another interesting twist here, some of the book takes place during World War I in France, and the other part in modern day London. Involving a piece of art, the two stories are woven together in a unique way.

What have your read lately? Any series I should go for once I finish the final Game of Thrones?

Monday, May 12, 2014

inspirational sidewalk...

A few weeks ago, I was not so patiently waiting for a friend to meet me near the train to head to dinner. I have a hard time looking casual while waiting for someone, so instead I look like an antsy kindergartner trying to wait her turn, while all time being like where the heck is so and so. I was five minutes early, he should have anticipated that (yep, when I am normally five minutes late, I didn't say I have fair thoughts). Anyway someone had put some words of encouragement on the sidewalk and I couldn't help but snap a few picks. This quote rings true, why make the bad grow when you can make the good stuff blossom.

Happy Monday Readers! Remember to water the flowers, not the weeds.

Friday, May 9, 2014


I love Colin Firth  and have loved him for the better part of fifteen years. He’s much older than me, but that adds to his appeal.

I worry about my parents a lot – the older we all get, I feel like the roles reversed on who’s better suited to make the decisions – sometimes.

I cannot sleep if the closet door is open. That’s how the boogey man gets into your room (I saw Monsters Inc.) and I am not taking any chances.

Sometimes, I go to the gym just for the company of other humans.  Life gets busy that sometimes this is one of the ways I connect.

I love old people candy – think of what would be in your grandmother’s candy dish and I am in (except the freedent gum). Cinnamon disks, lemon drops,  hard caramels –  it’s on like donkey kong.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

can I frame this?

How adorable is this dish towel from Emily McDowell? I picture putting it in a frame and hanging it on a wall in my kitchen or dining area in my new apartment in a few months. I know it's a bit premature to start looking at decorations for an apartment I have not signed a lease on, or even seen, but I stumbled across this and love it. I promise that on May 30th I will participate in Mint Julep Day, maybe wear a Kentucky Derby inspired hat.

Friday, May 2, 2014


If I haven’t hit my steps goal on my fitbit by the time I get home at night, I march in place until I do. I don’t let myself go to bed until I’ve walked my 10,000 steps.

I wonder if I’ll ever meet someone and get married to him. Sometimes this consumes me, other times I know I am living the best life I can right now.

My favorite childhood book is Jacob, I Have Loved by Katherine Patterson. I stole my copy from my sixth grade teacher because I couldn’t bear the thought of parting with it. I still read this at least once a year.

I am still bitter about never being in a musical in high school. I never even made the chorus, and I was in the middle school musicals.

I hate oatmeal, but occasional try to force myself to love it. I’ve come to the conclusion that having to add peanut butter, bananas and chocolate chips means I should just have dessert instead.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

shipping up...

Well this is one of those big announcements… like really big. After seven years of living in Hoboken, playing and working in New York City – I’ve decided it’s time to return back to Boston.  I’ve heard New York has a few milestones before you become a lifer and I am coming up on the last one before it’s children that drive you to move out of the area. The first stretch is two years, then seven years. So in true form, at year seven mark I am giving the area one big hug and heading back to my roots.

It is a bittersweet time for me as I really do love the life I have down in what my New England heart considers south (at least NYC is south of Massachusetts). I’ve had good times, bad times, done a lot of growing personally and professionally, made friends, lost friends. Why I am living the city that never sleeps? Main reason: Family. Mom and Dad are both now retired, and well not getting any younger. I don’t want to miss getting to hang out for an hour or two here and there with them every other week or so – and the commute to them from New York is just too far to do on a regular basis.  Norbs and my sister and her hubs are also in the area in Boston.  Every time see Norbs he’s changed an incredible amount – he’s becoming such an interesting little human and I want to be there for as much as possible.

The good news, I am getting to stay with my current job, in the same role. I work primarily with people in Boston and London, so Boston is a good spot to head to. The other good news is I still will work with people in New York, which means the occasional business trip to the city which will mean time to visit all my favorite people here.

I’ve got about two months to go until I start the next phase of this journey we call life. I am doing my best to do as much as possible and see as many people I can before I go, and have as many New York moments as I can.