Wednesday, October 31, 2012

days like this

Being across the country, and seeing your city on the local news broadcast is a bit heart wrenching. I do feel extremely lucky to be out of the thick of the craziness, but its also hard not knowing what I am going to walk into when I finally do get home. I am certain my apartment is fine, but I worry about what else has happened around the area while I've been gone. I hope everyone is safe and has everything they need - my thoughts are with you all, even though I am so far away.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pour the wine dear

When life hands you grapes, you head to Wine Country. My lovely little four day weekend in San Francisco has now entered in to day six, but the time I get home it will be a solid week in California. So, what does a girl do when handed an opportunity to see something else? She convinces her friend to drive to Wine Country and explore and well do many many wine tastings. I will have to say, two days was not nearly long enough and I already want to plan a longer trip out here next year. Talk about a gorgeous area of the country, and vineyards are just amazing. I highly suggest making a trip up through Napa and going to Yountville and Frog Leap Vineyards.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Back east, where I should be on a plane bound for- is having an epic hurricane if you haven't been watching the news. For me, I am currently stuck in well northern California, getting to enjoy some extra days away even if I do some work in the background. Cannot beat the gorgeousness of sunny skies, while knowing that at home I'd be in the countdown to losing power.

Hope everyone is safe!

Friday, October 26, 2012

heads carolina, tails california

This is how my week begins and ends with two long weekends in a row- I am writing this en route to the airport to head to the city by the bay. I am still tried from the first part of the week traveling in Charleston, followed by a marathon three days at work. I cannot wait though to finally see San Francisco- its been on my list forever of places to go. It must be that childhood of growing up and watching Full House episodes. I swear though everyone who's been says its an amazing place to visit - or live. I have a long list of places to see, things to eat and plenty of walking. Any recommendations you may have would be greatly appreciated!

(poster by Kerne Erickson found on All Posters)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

oh Carolina

I love going away for the weekend, I am pretty sure if you've come to visit my little blog and you come back often, you have figured out I have a small obsession with traveling. I travel often and pretty much anywhere I can get the opportunity to do so. I recently went to Charleston, South Carolina for four days. It was a perfect escape from the northern Fall - about 75 every day and sunny.
 The homes were gorgeous- I wanted to find the perfect little home and move in and enjoy the lowcountry living- people were friendly and walked so slowly. The bright colors actually help keep the homes cooler in the summer time because they reflect the heat. I just liked the girly hues.
 The city ran tours via carriage ride, the company we used, was driven by mules instead of horses. The two ladies pulling our carriage were Laverne and Shirley - I pretty much wanted to see them do the opening number (here) and make all my dreams come true.
I got a bit artsy with this photo of a fountain at the Calhoun Mansion- I loved being able to capture the leaves with the overhang and the water moving.  The grounds were lovely, but I would have skipped the mansion tour in hindsight- not worth it, unless you are in to an extreme collection of displays- my goodness I looked like the most minimalist person in the world in comparison.

Letters to Norby #9

Dear Norby-

Halloween is one of the greatest holidays ever – think dressing up in disguises and eating candy. I cannot wait to see what costumes you wear in the years to come – hopefully you pick out some truly awesome ones.  If I could suggest a few for you to consider in the future:

1)      Pumpkin – classic for the under 2 set- absolutely adorable
2)      Lobster- you are from New England, and your parents have a house on the Cape
3)      Biker – something tells me you’d look like a badass in leather and a bandana

I also hope you have your parents dress up each year as well – I’d love to see them in some funny costumes.

Enjoy one of the best kid holidays ever.

Love your favorite auntie

(photo from Carters)

Monday, October 22, 2012

chasing the sun

I am completely late to this book party- I think it was a best seller over five years ago, but better late then never right? I found the story of two Afghan women completely moving and touching. I love pretty much any book that causes me to learn about history and a background of a country I know so little about. The struggles of women are such a hot topic right now, particularly amidst this election year - but it is interesting to see a different culture treated/s women. I do believe that opportunities must be created without stigma for wanting more out of life than all career or all family, a balance for both men and women should be available.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

the sweetest thing

This seems so perfect for any holiday- can anyone else tell I am so excited for New Years Eve in Paris? I found this quote in a perfume sample from Kate Spade- I couldn't resist instagraming it and just enjoying the happy little thought. I love when unexpected findings seem so perfect for your life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

maintain the pain

“Maintain the pain” that seems be the latest motto in my life – it’s been a bit insane with the amount of weird workouts I’ve been up to. I recently got back into hot yoga, I use to do this back in my Boston days. It’s one of those strange things where all you can think of is I am sweating, and sweating some more, yet I feel so good when this is over. I’d compare it to a runner’s high. The irony is that even after all the sweat, you feel super clean- like clean from the inside out.  I am also diving right into my running too – I did a very short race last weekend and ran my fastest miles in years (whoa baby). Who would have thought? It was just the motivation I needed to keep up with the good work I’ve put into fitness for now.

(photo from To Be Alive)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i just can't get enough

Fall 2012 is the season of pops of color – and I am loving every single minute. I recently stumbled into C.Wonder – a new shop over at Columbus Circle, because I was so drawn into the brightness of the store itself. Colors were everywhere – greens, blues, pinks, everything in between.  The store also has some really adorable housewares and items for pets, and beautiful bicycles (I want a bike so badly, you know just in time for winter, so I can figure out where to put it in the apartment).  I could have just as easily spent the rest of the day just oohing and awing over all the pretty things, but settled on the sweater above in a bubble gum pink- I know I’ll feel extra happy every time I wear it.

(photo from C.Wonder)