Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter candy....

I am forbidding myself from going to the drugstore until the Easter candy is gone from the shelves – I find it one of my worst weakness. No other time of year really makes me swoon for candy like Easter time, maybe it’s because you cannot find the elusive Coconut Nest, or Cadbury Mini Eggs any other time of year. For some reason I cannot resist buying at least one of these when I hit up the drugstore – the only benefit is there are now single servings which at least is better than the massive bags you could eat in about 30 minutes. Yikes, does anyone else have a weakness for a particular seasonal candy?

(photo from disney mike)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Letters to Norby #19

Dear Norby-

Happy First Easter Little Guy! As your Auntie, I am totally failing my duties and not being there for your first Easter. I apologize, but Sunday holidays are one of the worst ones for your out of state relatives. Please convince your momma to take lots of photos of you to send my way so I can enjoy your happy little face.  I hope that the Easter Bunny, or in your case the Easter Husky takes good care of you bringing you lots of spring time treats, and hopefully a few new books.

I’ll see you soon, and I’ll read you all the books you desire.

Love your favorite auntie

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Monday, March 25, 2013

manic mondays...

How is it Monday again? I really feel due for a long weekend - truly. These little two day weekends never seem long enough to get done all the errands and have time to kickback and recover. I can only hope that with Easter coming up next weekend, I can enjoy an early release from work on Friday afternoon. My weekend was good- action packed it seemed. I finally got my taxes done (I think every year - I wait longer and longer to go see my accountant), got a haircut, and saw friends both evenings. I also managed to get in some gym time which was nice. I did get in some reading too - I recently picked up "The Secret Garden" which now that I am into it, I don't remember reading when I was younger- so completely enjoying some light reading. Do you ever go back to books that were age appropriate 20 years ago?

(photo from pagu no nioi)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

being green...

I am in love with this sweater from the Gap.... it's so cute and perfectly lightweight for those upcoming spring months that I bought it in both the lilac and the green. One of the things I completely appreciate is the higher neckline, which makes it perfect for meetings at the office or a nice casual Saturday top as well. I have already been sporting the lilac with my favorite skinny black pants on a regular basis.

Monday, March 18, 2013

spring, i hope

Today was so cold and freezing - that I am completely dreaming of spring. These pink roses make me so happy - and make me think of sunshine and warmth - and getting to frolic in the spring time.

PS - Snow - I am over you until Christmas.

(photo from roses and wafers - flickr)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

dancing with myself

My office recently shut down Pandora, which is a complete bummer – some days a little Pandora was all I needed to make it to the end of the day. I’ve had to switch back to cranking out the tunes on my iPhone these days-  which is both good and bad, but I tend to find myself listening to songs over and over. I probably am someone who kills songs for themselves more than I should – I know better, but I just want to keep listening to the song that’s playing in my head. One way I like to mix it up is to play my own little version of the alphabet game, where any time I want to flip to a new song I have to continue down the alphabet list- and find something A-Z to listen to. It’s a great way for me to flip through the catalogue of songs and remember some good ones that don’t get hit ups as often. My most recent journey brought me to the following:

A-     Almost Lover  by A Fine Frenzy

B-      Bread – Clemsnide

C-      Circle Game- Joni Mitchell

D-     A Drop in the Ocean- Ron Pope

E-      Emily- Lady Antebellum

F-      Father Figure- George Michael

G-     Gravity – Sara Bareilles

H-     Heart of the World- Lady Antebellum

I-        I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

J-       Just to See You Smile- Tim McGraw

K-      Kings and Queens- 30 Second to Mars

L-       Life’s a Happy Song- The Muppets

M-   Marry Me- Train

N-     Naked as We Came- Iron and Wine

O-     O-O-H Child- The Five Stairsteps

P-      Precious Love- James Morrison

Q-     Quitter- Carrie Underwood

R-      Red Meets Blue- Matt Wertz

S-      Stupid for You- Marie Digby

T-      Through the Fire- Chaka Khan

U-     Undiscovered- James Morrison

V-     Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional

W-   Watching You Watch Him- Eric Hutchinson

X-      Home –Phillip Phillips

Y-      You’ll Think of Me- Keith Urban

Z-      That for You- Matt Wertz

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

missing the sunrise in the mornings

The early bird catches the worm, right? I’ve embarked on an early morning gym routine that I’ve been consistent with for about the last six weeks – which I think makes it a habit that should likely stick around. I go almost every single morning before work now – unless I have a meeting that starts before 9. The last few weeks have been glorious- as I’ve left my apartment the sun’s been peeking out greeting me with some early morning happy rays. This week I am so sad we sprung forward the clock and made it so I am leaving the house in the dark again. For now I am not so patiently awaiting earlier sunrises – hurry back Mr. Sunshine- I miss you at 6:30 AM.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

childhood nostalgia

I went to the playground this weekend- something that you can only do if you go with friends and their children, otherwise it’s creepy. While we watched the kids play around, and climbed some of the equipment ourselves – and banged our knees in spaces meant for the under 12 set, I was reminded of how much fun it was to play outside during recess as a child. My elementary school had at the time a very large wooden playground called “The Funspace” – which was built probably 2 years before I started first grade. It was probably one of the best parts of being a kid, twice a day we got recess outside to play. I remember playing in the theater a lot with a bunch of girls from my class, spending many an afternoon at intramural sports playing the best game of capture the flag, and doing gymnastics on the hill.   My grade was also responsible for shutting down said “Funspace” during a boys vs. girls game of Cops and Robbers when we were fourth graders, where one kid pretty much got the splinter of his lifetime.  In the winter, when we use to get snow (remember when that was normal) we all would get to sled outside down a hill that ended in a parking lot – it probably wasn’t safe but it was glorious. Did you have a favorite playground game?

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