Monday, January 25, 2016

around the web in 10 links v2

Doesn't Molly look like the most relaxed cat ever in this picture? I was frantically cleaning, or something to that nature and she just gave me this look of put your feet up, unwind a bit with me. How do you say no to that face? You don't...

Time for a second round of around the web in 10 links with me.

I cannot stop reading Love Letters. Sometimes heart breaking, funny, but all and all a good reminder that the world is really looking for love, and well no one knows what they are doing.

Hello, this is Luke. For all the Gilmore Fans out there, he's out there .... maybe.

That time the actual author of the book I wrote about about on the blog, commented on my post. I couldn't believe it.

A history of TGIF, I for one cannot wait for the Full House reboot.  This was my Friday night back in the day.

I wish I could come, but I really want this t-shirt.

For a giggle, Kylo Ren as Undercover Boss. I cannot stop watching this.

I love TV, I really really do, however I am starting to wonder if there are too many options?

Would you ever have separate beds for you and your significant other?

A favorite picture blog that I follow. I love the pictures these two ladies post - the simple aesthetic is gorgeous. 

I really want to see this live show, I've been listening to the podcast fairly regularly. Have you listened to Mortified?

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