Monday, June 22, 2015

Ghost Cat

Introducing the newest resident in my apartment, Molly the Ghost Cat. Please welcome her to the family as the first pet of mine who doesn't swim in a bowl of water and doesn't live at my parents' house. So far we seem to get along pretty well given that I do remember to feed and water her and give the appropriate amount of pets.

Friday, May 8, 2015

remembering the good, forgetting the bad

Life handed some me some lemons, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer during the Christmas holidays. I was the one who made the call to take her to the hospital on Christmas Eve. I thought she was suffering from a mild stroke, at the time a very scary thought. An MRI found two glioblastomas, fast growing tumors – which turned a bad diagnosis to a worse one. Doctors’ appointments were made, surgeries scheduled, treatment plans decided. If everything went to plan, there may have been a year. Instead the family got four months from diagnosis to the day she passed away, blissful in sleep.

It’s hard to believe that when I walk into my parents’ house, my mom will not be there to greet me any longer, or to drive me bonkers as mothers tend to do. I will miss picking up the phone just to say hi, or complain about my day. I’ll miss the texts between Mom, my sister and me, where Mom would just ask for more nephew pics (she never could get enough). I’ll miss knowing my biggest fan is always waiting to hear about what I’ve been up to no matter how boring. I will miss her.

Life will continue to adjust to a major change, grief will continue to sneak up at unexpected times, and I’ll make it through.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

would you rather?

Have you ever played the game, would you rather? I remember playing this with many teams through out  college, it's a great way to figure out how people tick. I even think there may have been cards to prompt the discussions, as I remember one very distinct question. I thought it be fun to think of a few questions and post my answers. If you want to play along, please make sure to leave a comment with your post so I can read your answers.

would you rather, sweat cheese or throw up marbles?

Definitely throw up marbles- I don't throw up that often, but sweat happens a lot. Then I wonder, if you chose sweat cheese - would you eat your cheese?

would you rather, have the ability to be invisible or fly?

Hands down fly. Can you imagine the way you could just end up at the beach for the day? No hassle of the airport any more?

would you rather, watch one movie for the rest of your life, or read one book?

Definitely I'd pick watch one movie and then be able to read all the books. Let me read it all please!

would you rather, wear pajamas everywhere or have to wear business attire everywhere?

Business attire. I love some good pajamas but I hate that we live in a culture of under dressing at every turn. Plus who wants to wear pajamas to a wedding?

would you rather, live at Winterfell or live at Hogworts? 

Okay, even for me this is tough - Game of Thrones or Harry Potter? Wouldn't you want both? Though the grown up in me says Winterfell and Jon Snow.  Sorry Harry - maybe some other time.

Monday, March 9, 2015

stephen hawking broke my heart

This past weekend, I finally saw The Theory of Everything, the biography of Jane and Stephen Hawking's marriage. The movie is based on Jane's book (yes, I've added this to my reading list now) Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. Most people are well aware of Stephen Hawking, his genius, as well as his ALS, but I never before truly consider his personal life, or that of his wife. Hands down, I don't think many people are as strong as Jane, she loved man who was told he had two years to live, and chose to stay. And she loved, cared, supported, even in an increasing hard situation, as two years continued into many more. It was devastating to watch Stephen loose his physical abilities - I cannot even imagine how much strength he has to keep on fighting. At so many points in the movie I was crying like the sap I am, but when Stephen told Jane he was taking his caregiver to America, I was heartbroken. Stephen Hawking broken my heart by choosing Elaine over Jane. I forgave him a bit by the end, when he did continue to include Jane in the important places of his life, and reminded her and us about the life they created together

(photo via NY Times)