Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Donna Martin Graduates

Beverly Hills, 90210 – was a show that I was not allowed to watch as a kid. My mom thought it was far too risky for my eight year old self to be allowed to watch. Unjustly, my sister could watch this show, and all I wanted to do was sneak this. I would try my darnest and just sit and be so quite on the couch in hopes Mom wouldn’t catch me still there eyes glued. Sometimes I might have gotten the first tiny bit before I was told to go to bed. I knew this show was cool, and my friends and I would call play Barbies with the character names from the show – I always wanted to be Brenda (she wasn’t so bitchy in the beginning) and my friend loved Andrea (who I thought was a total nerd). Once I became an adult I watched the entire series on SoapNet when that network was still on and was good for all the reruns in chronological order. I’ve learned many a life lesson from watching one of the best shows ever (and really could have totally spent better parts of my adult years not watching TV, but I’ll blame Mom for not letting me watch in my youth). Some of the better life lessons?  

Brandon Walsh will always be the boy scout, and Dylan McKay will be the bad boy that you shouldn't want to be with, but oh he's so broken and dreamy. You should pick Brandon, he's going to treat you better then Dylan.

Brandon works with the coolest adults in both his jobs, anyone else pick up on that the Beach Club boss is none other then Richard Weber from Grey's? Nat and Richard (cannot remember his name from 90210) treated B.Walsh with respect but also stepped in when he needed some non-parental adult guidance.

Everything can be solved at the Peach Pit. I've always wanted to have a place like the Peach Pit in my life, you know some of your friends will always be there anytime you swing by.

Mrs. Walsh (Cindy) gives the best advice - everyone wanted a mom like Cindy.

If you make a mistake, your friends will rally around you, hence the title. When Donna was drunk at the prom, because David's dad gave the kids champers, she was told she could not graduate. Low and behold a rally was held, and the entire school chanted "Donna Martin Graduates".

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Monday, October 27, 2014

coffee, the drink of the gods

Coffee and I are having a slight love affair these days, I wake up, I think about coffee. Before bed I am thinking about the next cup. I jones for the afternoon Dunkin Donuts run daily at work. It might be a slight problem. I've also started drawing little smiley faces on my work cups because of the design.

Please send help, or more coffee.

On that note, I hope to get back to some regular posting. Lots to catch up on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

lunch dates

My mother has taken a liking to putting some of Norby's friends in my lunchbox to eat lunch with me at work. I actually find it funny that the Little People Grammy showed up one day, and then Ernie decided to make a visit to work as well the next day.  Both toys were mine when I was a kid, and Ernie is the best looking one of the Sesame Street play set that my family still has (Bert has no more pain on him, and one of the dogs ate Big Bird at some point). Here's hoping someone else makes it to work for a lunch date soon.

Friday, September 19, 2014

letters to Norby #25

Dear Norby-

It's been a while since I wrote to you, but you haven't stopped amazing me lately. You've become such an interesting little person, who love trucks and trains. It's ever so sweet when you play with your little red engine and say in the quietest little voice "choo-choo". My favorite thing to do with you is read "Little Blue Truck", we've spent so much time reading that book that I can recite the opening page on cue. Reading with you is so nice, you snuggle into a grownup lap with the book you've chosen and point out your favorite characters. You know all your barnyard animals, as well as all kinds of trucks.

Thank you for being my sweet little nephew. I am so happy I get to see you more often now and that our time together is so much fun.

See you tomorrow...

Love your favorite auntie

It's been a while since I've written you a dear letter my sweet little boy. You are turning into such a smart, nice child. My favorite thing that you do is bring books to me, and then snuggle in my lap while I read out loud