Thursday, April 17, 2014

three cheers for easter weekend

Hello dear readers. My apologies for my sporadic posts lately (every time I use the word sporadic, I think of the movie Clueless) – spring is keeping me busy and away from the blog a bit more than I would like.  Anyway, I am heading into a four day weekend starting tomorrow and I get to head up to Boston and see the family for the weekend. I am very excited to get some play time with Norbs- that boy is getting so grown up, I look forward to the day when he just starts talking to me and never looks back. I also get to have lunch with a friend and see the nursery she’s set up for her little ones – I am ridiculously excited to see the babies (yes, babies as in more than one) room.  I missed her shower, so I’ve got a few little surprises for the wee ones (I’ve also been trying to come up with names – like Julian, Jiles (like Giles), and Jilbert, because well I am weird).  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

it won’t cost much, just your voice…

Ah laryngitis, you devilish curse. I came down with the lack of voice on Friday morning, and today (Tuesday) I still have that husky sound. I know some people sound sexy with the husky voice, I, on the other hand, sound like a teenaged boy going through a voice change – or the complete opposite of sexy. The squeakiness is just unnerving at this point. As I hit day five, I am wondering why Halls cough drops decided to put pep talks on their wrappers – it’s a bit crazy to think that most people use cough drops when they aren’t feeling well and the cough drops asks to hear your roar? You want to hear me roar? It’s going to set me back like another day to being able to sing in the shower again.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

movie memories: center stage

I love movies, going to the theater seeing some epic moving on the big screen, watching at home. When I was in college my friends and I use to have regular movie nights where we’d gather in our pajamas and round up snacks and watch old favorites from someone’s VHS collection (yep, I went to college with a TV with a built in VCR – I was fancy). It was the early 2000s and for some reason movies involving dance were big, for example Save the Last Dance, Center Stage were some we watched on repeat.  I have fond memories of Center Stage, it made me want to be a dancer even though I have little to no experience and figuring that out that dream at 19 was well, far too late in life. This does not stop me from putting on my ipod and hosting my own personal dance recital from time to time in my apartment (downstairs neighbor, sorry about the leaping, but ballerinas leap).

It’s been probably 10 years since I’ve watched Center Stage, but my memory serves as this: Girl wants to be ballerina, girl’s parents want her to go to college, but she gets into a very prestigious ballet academy in New York. The dad from the OC is a jerk, who runs the ballet company that the academy is associated with, who tries to crush girl’s dream. Girl makes friends, has a roommate who’s a b*tch, but also an eating disorder making roommate hangry. Girl meets guy who she puts in friend category, girl meets ballerino star – who thinks she's
cute enough to sleep with, but not date. Girl gets big part in jerk ballerino’s workshop for the final performance before finding out what ballet company wants her. Ballerino has a vision and its ballet for the rock and roll generation – we all dance to Jamiroquai and everyone’s dreams come true.

Honestly, I think my favorite part of that movie was some of the great/terrible music. I sadly really love the song, Friends Forever by the Thunderbugs. It’s cheesy goodness that only a movie can give you.

(photo via all posters)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

from my bookself

I am currently on a Game of Thrones hiatus, I only have one published book left in the series and well,  I am trying to hold out (write faster George, please). If you like fantasy novels, I highly recommend reading the books. I’ve not seen the show, but I cannot wait until I have time to start watching it – I feel very invested in the characters.

I recently read Come Home by Lisa Scottoline. She’s one of my go to authors when I am trying to pick out a book I am certain I’ll enjoy, I tend to look at what I haven’t read. This book was interesting, good plot lines about former spouses and what happens when one is potentially murdered. I did find it odd that the main character’s name was Jill, and her good friend was Katie. One of my close colleagues is Katie, so at times I kept picturing us in the roles and that made this a bit more fun for me. I recommend this for anyone who likes a good mystery – with an ending you aren’t going to figure out until closer to the end.

Have you read anything worth sharing? Anything I should add to my must read list?