Monday, April 9, 2012

Mad Men Monday

Well, I really did think I'd be able to do this each week- but alas it didn't happen. I blame the fact that I was just so busy watching TV was not a priority most of last week, and that's probably not the worse thing in the world.  So this week, I'll talk about the past two weeks and things that I found interesting.

Poor Betty, I truly felt bad for her this week (normally I am just thankful my own mother isn't this crazy) but having a cancer scare actually made her feel more like a human to me then she has in the past. Mortality is scary, and thinking that her children might grow up without her was a bit heartbreaking. I also thought it was interesting that she called Don before Henry, but he was comforting and was the one Betty wanted in her time of distress. Anyone else love that Don's secretary is also named Dawn? To me that was pure genius and I really think this will be one of those great running jokes (hey at my own office I work with a guy named Jack, I can't begin to tell you how many times people have recited the nursery rhyme to us).  I also enjoyed the hiring of Michael Ginsberg, who claimed on his resume to be related to Alan. I thought he was a nice change of not so proper to the office, plus he seems to himself at all times - even if he is a bit over the top. Seeing Don with Harry at the Rolling Stones was also eye opening, Don's really showing his age. He doesn't want to be there, and he's quite paternal with the young girl who's talking to him (thank goodness). I was a bit worried about Sally - as she's starting to show signs of compensating for her mother's new figure, not eating - starts to feel like the start of a story line.

Joan's story took an interesting twist, and who could blame her for being angry at Greg for volunteering for another year in Vietnam (this was going to end badly no matter what). I give Joan complete credit for calling it an end to a man and a relationship in which they were clearly not on the same page. I also appreciated the tie in of the Chicago Nurses Murders through out the entire hour, as a common thread you could see how everyone was impacted by such a tragic event (I googled this- I had to, I had no idea about this event- how awful!). Sally was particularly impacted, terrified to go to bed - I've been there, I don't think I slept for a week after watching The Exorcist, and I did like the irony of her watching a commercial for Mystery Date. I can see a little bond happening between Sally and Henry's mother, which could be an interesting point later.Did anyone else like seeing Peggy play hardball with Roger when he asked her to work on the airline pitch? She haggled her way the contents of his wallet, and I was very proud. Watching Peggy bond with Dawn was also good to see, particularly since both were at the office very late and both a bit scared on how to get home. It was also good to see that Peggy isn't always the perfect trusting individual, but at least had the common sense to feign otherwise. Don's philandering finally caught up with him with a woman from his past, she was a bit creepy right? But in true Don Draper form he did what we all expected, and then some - will this woman make another appearance? And I can't help but wonder how long Megan will be in the dark. 

Here's looking forward to next time...


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