Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wrapped Up in Books

I'll admit it I am a bit of a nerd, I love to read. There's nothing better then getting lost of in the pages of a good book. Exciting plot lines, new places, it's like stepping into someone else's shoes or taking a vacation without getting on an airplane. My mother always tells me to join a library, however I can be a bit harsh on books, and that whole bringing them back in a timely manner is sometimes easier said then done. However, I don't buy books all that often anymore as I've stumbled upon - Paperbackswap.com. Definitely one of the best concepts, and executions of swaping books with people all over the US. For no membership fees, only the cost of mailing a book (most which cost about $2.41 to send), you get your pick of any books out there, while other members help you keep your home bookshelf from exploding. The system operates on a 1 to 1 credit system, so for every book you send, you get a new book to read. There's even a wish list section for you to get on the waiting list for popular books or new publications. So far, I've had nothing but success, all my books sent are received and all books requested have made it to me. I am one happy bookworm.

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