Monday, October 27, 2014

coffee, the drink of the gods

Coffee and I are having a slight love affair these days, I wake up, I think about coffee. Before bed I am thinking about the next cup. I jones for the afternoon Dunkin Donuts run daily at work. It might be a slight problem. I've also started drawing little smiley faces on my work cups because of the design.

Please send help, or more coffee.

On that note, I hope to get back to some regular posting. Lots to catch up on.


  1. I gave up caffeine for a long time, but since I moved back home I have been loving it too. I can definitely relate. If you ever go to SF, be sure and get Philz. I love it and crave it when I am away!

    1. One of my besties is planning on moving to SF next spring, I just need the all clear and I'll book a flight. I'll definitely put this on the must list. Last time I was all about the Blue Bottle.