Monday, February 9, 2015

fifty shades uncomfortable...

Oh hiya, so my mother (a lovely 70 year old) is now begging me to take her to see Fifty Shades of Grey. She's obsessed, and no she hasn't read the book. The thought of seeing what I can only assume will be at least partially pornographic film with my mother gives me the heebs. I read the book, and only the first one because I was so uncomfortable - the little prude in me was not like oh yeah I need another fix of this - no thank you. My sister, the good sport, bought Mom the book - she gets that on Wednesday. The premise is you cannot see the movie without reading the book. I can only hope that Mom continues her slow completion rate of books - you know so that the movie can be out of the theater when she finishes the novel - but you know this one she'll probably devour.

Please pray that I am not forced to take Mom to the movies to see this one. I'll watch any British period drama she wants - old ladies and the sea? Sign me up. Fifty Shades of Asking Me Questions about  is this what normal girls do, just say no.

(PS - you get a lovely photo of a grey dog because that's far more enjoyable for me)


  1. I want that dog!! I'm with you I think seeing 50 Shades with my mom would be pretty uncomfortable. I heard there are 21 minutes of sex in the movie. That's about 20 minutes too long, especially with your mom next to you ;)

  2. oh dear!! I haven't read the book and have no desire to see the film either but if I did I certainly wouldn't want to take mum!! xx

  3. That would be an awkward movie to watch with your mom! Hopefully it'll take her awhile to finish the book. :)