Friday, September 4, 2015

maybe... we'll meet on the high street

Happy September dear readers. It's been a while since I've done a lately post... and I do think they are my favorites to read from all of you. Makes me smile to know what everyone else has been doing, reading, thinking about...

Shall we?

reading: nothing, absolutely nothing. I have a work book club book that I should be finishing, for August book club (not a typo).  Maybe I'll finish over the long weekend.

listening: all the podcasts, yes, all of them. I went down the rabbit hole of podcasts this summer. I had to listen to Serial, which lead me to This America Life, and then well I needed more. I've been getting into The Nerdist, and Lady to Lady.

craving: apple picking. I want to pluck apples off the trees this fall, and drink apple cider.

avoiding: pumpkin spice. I am so over pumpkin spice anything - I always think I want it, but it's a very acquired taste for me.

eating: watermelon, got to get the summer fruit in while it's still around.

dreaming: of another vacation... so many places to think about going.

watching: Hart of Dixie on netflix, and totally over relating to all the characters. I am a bit sad I discovered this gem after it was it was cancelled. It also has some Friday Night Lights alums - Scott Porter and Cress Williams.  

loving: the little kitty girl. Adopting a pet has made me a better person. Molly and I are quite the team, plus she likes to eat my leftovers.

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