Wednesday, September 9, 2015

around the web in 10 links v1

For what I lack in posting on a regular basis, I am a pretty steady reader of a lot of things the internet has to offer. Found some great links I wanted to share with you this week.

Erin's pencil case souvenir idea, fantastic way to bring something useful home from travels.

Beautiful Feather note cards from minted.

Great early fall layering sweater. Helpful for anyone else who suffers from hot afternoons at a sunny window seat at work. I bought two.

Hating boats gets you blog traffic, who knew?

Is summer really over? Not if I can help it with my new jam.

Joanna's thoughts on single tasking. Is time to put the phone down for an extended period of time?

A DIY I definitely want to do, I might need help though....

Did you know you can freeze delivery pizza? I've started this trick and it's works so well.

A great place to find some staples, and some fun things. My most complimented shoes are a find from here.

I cannot stop listening to these funny ladies, I caught up on a few back episodes while watching people on the beach. I was not laughing at you beach people!

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