Thursday, May 9, 2013


Do you have any book series that you always find yourself picking up? I often read books by JD Robb, which is a pseudonym for Nora Roberts. My sister got me hooked years ago, when we use to pass paperbacks back and forth between us. I love the “In Death” books because it takes place in 2060ish in New York City, with some very cool futuristic takes on life has changed, but the premise gets down to the heart of solving a mystery. I also really like that the main characters are a woman cop and her business savvy husband, who are completely in love with each other and they take down baddies left and right. I highly recommend picking up this series if you are looking for a beach read or a vacation get away- I read one of the latest in the series on my adventure to Arizona not too long ago and it lasted me the whole trip.

(photo from a southern fried mess)

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