Friday, June 6, 2014

welcome to sweaty June

virtual high five for working out

Happy Friday (yes, I am not going to have regular blogging this month, let’s just apologize now and move on?) I hope you are ready for a June fitness challenge, because I agreed to attempt 30 fitness classes in 30 days – which will involve some double sessions – old school style.  A few of my friends and I are very into what I’ll call social working out, where instead of hanging out and getting drinks and dinners after work, we hit up a gym class together and sweat it out.  Sometimes we go to brunch after a weekend workout – those Bloody Mary’s taste that much better after sweating it out. 

The rules are pretty simple, 30 classes in 30 days, mediation classes count, yoga is welcome, and some insanity is always a good idea. So far I've been having fun, and find myself figuring out how to get to more classes (I'll sleep more in July).

Our challenge includes Instagram photos after all our sweats – so if you would like to follow along or play along look for #sweatyjune #30in30, or please follow me @jilli1982. As of last night I was 5 out of 5, and getting ready for a weekend of gym attendance and packing up my apartment. 

Have you ever attempted a workout challenge?

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