Friday, May 30, 2014

lions, tigers and bears

Oh my… one of my favoritest people is having triplets this year. I couldn’t be more excited for her and her husband. It also weirds me out a bit that this is the girl who use to get me out of bed in college to go get pizza at 11PM just to hang out (how are you old enough to be a mom?!?!?!). I know these are going to be some of the best loved children – and so much trouble. I have visions of perfect little triplets playing together, making friends, and just having an amazing sibling support system for their entire lives.  I have self-proclaimed to be an auntie to these children, so of course I want nothing more than to spoil the wee ones as much as I possibly can. I also fully volunteer (just like Katniss, well okay, not really, I am not fighting to the death) to be a regular baby holder whenever an extra pair of hands are needed.

On my first official act of spoiling three little babies, I found the most adorable set of onsies for the triplets. How cute are the animals and I personally love The Wizard of Oz theme. At time of purchase, I still wasn’t sure of the mix of boys or girls will be, and these are gender neutral and so cute. One of my rules of thumb when purchasing baby goodies is always go big, as kids grow fast and so many other people tend to go for the new born clothing.  Also a good tip for baby gifts, is there is absolutely nothing wrong with some practical gift giving – think diapers, lotions, destin, teethers, etc. 

I cannot wait to meet these little ones in person! Looking forward to seeing them grow up and be amazing people – just like their mom and dad.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these onesies! So original and fun... can't wait to see them wearing these!! Thanks you Auntie Jill :)