Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the morning train, work from 9-5 and then…

Part of my living at home adventures involves about two hours of commuting every day, which when you go from a combined commute of walking 20 minutes and 15 minutes on the subway each way, is a lot of time to be sitting on the train. My commute in New York was easy peasy- because when you are walking you don’t need to entertain yourself much on the commute. I use to pick through my cell phone, maybe read my kindle app or play some game that my sister hooked me on. Now with what I’ll call extended time to be with one’s self and many strangers, it’s a lot of time to occupy.

How I’ve been spending my time on my extended commute:

  1.   Read like there’s going to be a test on the book when I get to my destination. I love to read – so this is great, however I don’t want to read before bed anymore.  My current book series is Divergent – I love some young adult fantasy fiction. (Other series to try if you like this one: The Uglies, The Hunger Games, The Giver). 
  2.    Look forward to my email box getting The Skimm – I love this daily update on the top news around the world. It feels like your best friend is call you up and dishing some seriously interesting gossip, and well it makes you look like you pay attention when others talk about world events. Items are very topical, and there’s usually something fun in there. I also love Skimm-Birthdays – I’ve seen some seriously famous people on there – Tory Burch, Tina Fey – you know just to name drop a bit. If these high profile ladies read The Skimm, I think you should too. 
  3.     Tinder – yes, I’ll admit this publicly – but Tinder is a fantastic way to kill commuting time. I swipe right, left, text people, all while looking over my shoulder to make sure no matches are like right behind me – that would be beyond awkward.
  4. Occasionally proofing some work documents – I like to take a break from the work, but it’s good to get a few more things taken care of before getting home.
  5. Thinking about the next meal – the train makes me hungry, I don’t know what it is – but I am always famished when I depart.

Anyone have anything I am missing? How do you spend your time on the train if you have a long commute?

(photo from here - and I thought the abandon train was beautiful)

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