Wednesday, March 4, 2015

from my bookshelf: paper towns

John Green - a legend in his own right for telling some great young adult stories. If you didn't read Fault in Our Stars, you've probably cried your eyes out over the movie. I recently decided to read a few more books by John since sometimes a little young adult literature is just about what I need in my life.  First up on my list was Paper Towns, which is also going to be a movie in the near future (my one rule in life, is to always read the book - even if you see the movie, the book its just amazing). Next door neighbors, where the young man loved the young lady from a far, have a great night of mischief and revenge on classmates, when the next morning she disappears. Told from the point of view of Quentin as he looks for clues about the disappearance of his friend Margo. The question that begs to be asked, is can everyone be found?

All and all I enjoyed this book, definitely a mystery, as well as a story of can you ever truly bring someone back home, who may not want to be found. I will definitely see the movie as I am curious how this will be brought to life.

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