Monday, March 2, 2015


February was a bust blog wise. Here's to kicking off March with a post... hopefully I'll be a bit more present this month on my space.

dreaming: of spring – 7 feet of snow and counting, and when it gets warm it will take some time to melt. Summer sun is calling my name.

reading: Us: David Nicholls. So far interesting – a marriage story that doesn’t look like a happy ending, but there’s a ways to go before I’ll know what really happens.

watching: Archer on Netflix. I think I love this primarily for Jessica Water and my love of all things Arrested Development. I definitely love the humor on this show – the snark factor.

smelling: my summertime candle – if you can beat winter, you might as well smell like a day at the beach.

needing: a pedicure – winter’s been tough on the old heels. 

wanting: new workout gear, might be time for an upgrade from the raggedy capri pants I've worn for years - I am not sure, but they might be see through 

listening: Ed Sheeran - I am hooked that that voice, I also think I have a thing for gingers - call me Ron Wesley? 

failing: at getting my steps in on fitbit- tell me March will be better?

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  1. I LOVE Ed Sheeran and I'm seeing him live on the 28th of this month. I'm so excited!! Spring is my favourite season. I'm dreading winter already haha. Have a wonderful month of March! :)
    Yours Truly, NY