Monday, March 9, 2015

stephen hawking broke my heart

This past weekend, I finally saw The Theory of Everything, the biography of Jane and Stephen Hawking's marriage. The movie is based on Jane's book (yes, I've added this to my reading list now) Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. Most people are well aware of Stephen Hawking, his genius, as well as his ALS, but I never before truly consider his personal life, or that of his wife. Hands down, I don't think many people are as strong as Jane, she loved man who was told he had two years to live, and chose to stay. And she loved, cared, supported, even in an increasing hard situation, as two years continued into many more. It was devastating to watch Stephen loose his physical abilities - I cannot even imagine how much strength he has to keep on fighting. At so many points in the movie I was crying like the sap I am, but when Stephen told Jane he was taking his caregiver to America, I was heartbroken. Stephen Hawking broken my heart by choosing Elaine over Jane. I forgave him a bit by the end, when he did continue to include Jane in the important places of his life, and reminded her and us about the life they created together

(photo via NY Times)

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