Thursday, May 17, 2012

your mother should know

I just finished reading The Stepmother by Carrie Adams, and I really thought the story was very well written (I’ve lately found myself in books where I can’t quite figure out what the main plot is because the author has taken so many turns, I cannot understand how end up here again?). A bittersweet book about two women- one the mother, the other the soon to be stepmother and their interactions with three daughters and a man pivotal in both their lives. I loved that the booked flipped from being narrated by one each of the women – giving a truly unique perspective on what is a very difficult relationship (trust me this wasn’t Julia and Susan from the movie, Stepmom). I liked that despite themselves the women actually found that they liked each other and truly had the best interest of everyone at heart, even during the most difficult of situations. I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a book about different loves and compassion that all people should have.

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