Tuesday, September 11, 2012

hard days night...

Pinterest is addicting - I swear it was made to be like a little drug, just a few clicks of pretty things, and you want to start making things, and cooking, as well as feeling fashion inspired and travel-jealous. I saw these chocolate chip cookie bites made of chickpeas and was inspired. Time to pretend to be a chef again. The cookies were very good, but my process was well a bit flawed. I didn't remember that I threw away my absolutely terrible can opener- but hadn't yet replaced it (and still need to do so as of this post). Which left me using my multipurpose tool to open up the can of chickpeas- which was not very glamorous. God save me if I ever have to open canned goods in the woods - it will be easier for me to catch squirrels for dinner. So 20 minutes of struggling with opening a single can, and then loading everything into my blender to churn it into batter- well the blender was broken (I really need to mix margaritas more often, that wouldn't have happened if I drank more frozen drinks at home), so instead of processing the mixture, I used my potato masher to do the job. I am laughing at myself because this really should have been a 30 minute project, tops, including the 10 minute baking, instead my lack of working tools made this take over an hour. Oops- next time make sure not to only have all the ingredients but working normal household items as well. Hopefully, I remember to pick up a can opener soon.
can opener is a must for any canned good

(top picture from Texanerin, the last two are my own)

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