Monday, September 17, 2012

Letters to Norby #4

Dear Norby-

Today is your mommy’s birthday, as well as your great grandmother’s. Your mom and I are both fortunate to share birthdays with other great family events. You’ll never meet your great grandmother, but I am sure you will hear some tidbits from her life as you get older. One thing to remember, is that she was Grandmother, and not Granny or Grandma, a very formal lady. She was well mannered, and expected the same from those around her – I cannot even begin to count how many times she would remind me to say please and thank you. She drove a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, drank vodka tonics, and walked to and from the Stop and Shop that was near her apartment.  She visited us every Christmas, and was a very good knitter- Grandmother use to make us Fishermen’s sweaters. You’ll know her through us, as she helped us become the people we are, and will help you become the man you will be as we help pass along pieces of her directly to you.

Keep in mind you come from a good heritage (at least on your momma’s side)

Love your favorite auntie

(photo from car pornography)

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