Monday, September 24, 2012

Letters to Norby #5

Dear Norby-

As your only auntie, I feel that little outfit should be worn as much as possible. Perhaps you are a little sad that for now you only have one auntie, but you never know your uncle (your father’s brother) could change that one day.  I promise though to make you not long for a larger family by ensuring you that  we will have our special bonding sessions. Your momma and I have already planned some days where I will come and play, while she gets some “mommy time”. I actually prefer to think of these as our way of getting in some “auntie/nephew time” – we can cuddle and coo, and soon enough play. I will also probably take more photos of you than you’d like me to do – I can already see that eye roll coming my way in a few short years.

Looking forward to bonding more

Love your favorite auntie

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