Tuesday, June 4, 2013

spartan spirit

I totally took some crazy pills the past few weeks. About 4 weeks ago, I decided hey why not sign up for a Spartan Race, it sounds like fun. Then I watched a video from the prior year’s race (yes, I blindly signed up, and then decided to watch the video), and the first thoughts that ran through my head was “I am going to die”. I should point out, the gym I go to most days is an official Spartan training gym, so I had a good idea what I was expected to do, and technically I’ve been training since January. This race is intense though- much more grueling then my hour class where I am not caked in dirt the whole time.

This past weekend was the race, so I am happy to report, I didn’t die – and I am just bruised, scraped, and cut up. The race was interesting to say the least – up and down a mountain side, over all sorts of obstacles – including about 8 different walls (short people are not made to leap over walls), scaling under barbed wire, jumping through fire. Probably the most challenging part for me was the lack of water on the course on such a hot day – man I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for water before in my life.

All and all, I am happy that I had the experience of becoming a Spartan – Aroo! Though, to be honest, my first race will probably be my last. Happy to have done it, but not all that keen on repeating the experience.

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