Monday, December 1, 2014

December…. Remember Me….

It’s the last month of 2014, and I am sure everyone is going wait a gosh darn minute, didn’t we just ring in the New Year like maybe 2 months ago? Alas, I decided in November when I was just not getting to the blog to make myself get some posts ready to go before December started and then just start getting into some regular posting. For me, the end of the year is so busy between work, life, the hustle and the bustle of the holidays – I decided to be kind to me.

In salute to the day that is to give thanks, or in layman’s terms – Thanksgiving. I decided to tell you three things I am thankful for to start the last month of 2014.

  1.    Getting to take a 5 day weekend last week. Family, Turkey, Shopping, Reading, the Gym. All good things to relax before the year end work crazy begins (looking forward to you January 23rd - I see you and I am excited.
  2.    Game of Thrones –TV. As you probably remember I read all the books starting around this time last year, but never saw the show. I now have HBO and I love seeing my favorite scenes come to life. Joffery is an a-hole and the actor here is fabulous.
  3.     Living closer to the family. It’s sort of strange not to need to save up vacation time for the holidays any more. It’s also nice not to feel like I’ve got to spend every minute of a holiday weekend trying to see friends, family and still manage to feel relaxed. Total win for living 30 minutes away.

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