Friday, July 27, 2012

eye of the tiger

Happy Weekend Dear Readers!
I am looking forward to a local weekend after two filled with travel, the only downfall is that I won’t have a shortened work week next week. I am a bit excited though to catch up on some sleep, get in some gym time, and not spend time at Newark Airport (don’t worry, I’ll be there in less than two weeks). I am also looking forward to some Olympic coverage – as I love the stories that make me want to cry, so someone best have a great against the odds story for me.  I love the swimming and I get flashbacks to swim meets of years past (my last competitive swim was 2004), and think you should check this video of the USA Swim Team – I swear it’s the chlorine fumes that make them crazy. Enjoy your weekend!

(Olympic Lego photo from The Brick Blogger)

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