Monday, July 1, 2013

days of summer

May I ask how we got to July already? Seriously, I think it was really just the start of June. My summer is off to a bit of a rough start - I have been in boot for 2 weeks now, with another 2 to go - laid up with a lovely stress fracture. This means I probably will not get to do one of the road races I've been looking forward to doing all spring in the beginning of August. This is very disappointing as I recruited my brother-in-law to do the race with me. I am hoping I am recovered enough to walk the race at least at this point. Some good news though, I did finally get the all clear to row at the gym and swim if I can find a spot - so watch out, I am ready to be back on the move, however slowly it goes.

(photo from cherry blossom girl)

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