Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America

July 4th is a great holiday- it’s highlighted with barbeques, friends, family and fireworks.  It’s just a day you see people out and about enjoying a nice hot summer day. It’s also refreshing to see everyone you know dressed like the American flag. I would like to personally thank the founding fathers for not declaring independence in the winter- it just wouldn’t be as fun to celebrate in a sweater. My holiday embraced many cultures as I gathered with friends to enjoy the day. First stop was a German Bier Garden- which was a nice cool way to spend the day. Lots of games and revelry to be had, and everyone was decked out appropriately in their red, white and blue. Second stop was for a sushi dinner, celebrating the contributions of our friends from Japan and tasty treats. The final stop on this midweek holiday was to the fireworks along the Hudson River (yes, the benefits of living here, is that you can see the fireworks from your local park). It was definitely a lovely midweek holiday and I look forward to lots more fun this coming weekend.

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