Friday, July 26, 2013

missing – real shoes

Summer 2013 has been a bit of downer for me, primarily because of my stress fracture in my foot. It’s such a bummer not to be active, particularly during the nicest parts of the year. So, I’ve put together a montage of my footwear so far for this summer.

In the middle of June, I spent a week in a soft cast with an orthopedic shoe. This was probably the worst of the lot, as I couldn’t get the soft cast wet- which meant having to bring tape and plastic bags on a work trip, and having carry bags around in case it started raining. I was very happy to get cut out that one.

I followed the soft cast into a boot, which was accompanied by a compression sock. The fun part of this one was that it was the hottest three weeks- so I felt like all I did was sweat in the boot and the sock. Lots of hand washing  the sock at night and baby powder was my best friend.

Currently, I am in sneakers for most of the time, slowly incorporating flats into my work day. I will tell you I am a complete snob about this- I HATE sneakers with dress clothes, it’s so tacky in my eyes. However, since I am desperately trying to heal, and not reinjure myself (who wants another 6 plus weeks of casts and boots?), I have been wearing my sneakers.

I am looking forward to August when I can hopefully wear some of the pretty sandals I bought before I got hurt.

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