Wednesday, February 26, 2014

london nights

When traveling for work, a lot of times there isn't much time to explore the sites the city you are working in. This past trip I made sure to see a lot of local English watering holes at the end of each evening. I am a big fan of the pubs and of course delicious pub grub – French fries have to be a personal favorite. I do love getting to walk around and explore a little bit off the beaten path as well, and having locals take you to favorite spots is always well received by me.

I actually found myself at last call more times than I should admit, but it certainly was fun. I almost felt like I was back in my early twenties when staying out late and getting into work is no problem for the body. I also can confirm that at least for me, I don’t get a hangover from French wine – must be the lack of sulfates.

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon to visit and enjoy some more fun after the work is done.

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