Monday, February 24, 2014

happiness list

How is it almost March? Though I am desperately looking forward to spring, I still cannot believe February is nearly over – were we not just ringing in the new year like a week ago?  Anyway a happiness list to keep it real this month.
In typical Jill fashion, I return from some days off to instantly plan the next round of time away (vicious cycle I tell you). This time I am going to be heading somewhere sunny and hopefully warm for a few days. Bring on sunscreen and flip flops please.

Finally getting to the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. I have been reading the books, and I haven’t watched the TV show (maybe a summer treat?), but I knew something big was coming and I was still shocked. There is something to be said for an author totally willing to kill off favorite characters – it’s bold and I like it.

I finally threw away my green tights. This made me ridiculously giddy, as every single time I wear them I feel like the understudy of the Wicked Witch. I cannot get over the fact my legs are green and it just seems more obnoxious to me than other colored tights.  As someone who hates to throw things that are not ripped or ruined away, this was a small victory.

Embracing some green behaviors at work these days. I have officially transitioned to a ceramic mug after being a disposable user for ages. I will preface that I would reuse my disposable cup all day long so I wasn’t so environmentally evil, but this feels like a giant leap forward for me and the planet.

Sadly, I am excited that the Olympics have ended so that my DVR can be stocked back up with things to watch. I can totally get on board with some good old Olympic watching, but it is nice to be able to get back on to seeing the final weeks of How I Met Your Mother and other distractions.

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