Friday, August 8, 2014

i had a dream about other bloggers… and no it wasn’t creepy… well…

I don't think there's an appropriate picture for this post, so enjoy a plant.

To dream or not to dream that is the question. I am always one to have really vivid dreams, like you aren’t sure if they are real or not, except there’s a few things that don’t add up. For example, I once had a dream where two girls from high school were baking cookies for some of my college friends in an amazing kitchen – what didn’t add up is how the high school people and the college people knew each other – sure, I was common link but why would someone make cookies for strangers?

The other night I was tired, like bone tired (usually how this weird things happen)- so I was overly excited to hop in to bed and get some rest.  I still like a rock – I don’t wake up for much usually, which I blame on my years of living city life. I could sleep through a rave if I needed to. Somewhere in the dream sequence, I ended up on a train with Stephanie from the Niene Dialogues  and her entire family, who I kept referring to as the modern day Von Trapps from the Sound of Music (Stephanie, if you read this, please know I was nothing but respectful in my dream, I was just really happy to meet you all). The family was as welcoming and lovely as I imagine, and willing to take pictures with me. I honestly felt like I made new friends in my dream. Upon returning to my seat, which then took on an airplane feel (hey, you know anything can happen in your mind) another blogger was there, asking if the people a few rows back was indeed Stephanie. It was Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars  – who was equally as excited to meet Stephanie. I, of course, played with my good manners and made introductions – because well I was old friends with everyone at that point.  Sarah seemed equally as fun as she comes across in her blog, the girl who’s up for anything, and ready to have fun. This is about where I remember waking up…

So if I had to guess what happened next, Sarah, Stephanie (and family) and I probably got off the train and had lunch. I am sure we all became besties for life, or something to that manner.

I swear I am not creepy, but maybe it’s time not to catch up on blogs before bed. Anyway, I am glad that people were really nice in my dreams, as I imagine they are in their everyday lives. Who knows, maybe I’ll make some other friends the next time I have a dream?

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