Friday, August 22, 2014

I broke the dog

My little Macy, the family dog – perhaps the last dog my parents will have. The little sweetums is the favorite child, always getting treats and pets, however the poor girl does not get regular walks. I will point out that there is a dog run in the backyard in which she can go pretty far and run up and down a hill, so she’s  definitely getting outside. She also loves to chase the bunnies in the backyard- who are too smart and stay just far enough out of reach of the dog run.  I like to take walks, particularly after dinner – I think it aids the digestion – I am also obsessed (OBSESSED) with getting my fitbit steps in each day. I started taking the dog with me on my jaunts, figuring the old girl would love it – and I was right. I get followed around the house like the best thing that’s ever happened to the little girl, and I call her my white shadow. Well wouldn’t you know, I took her for a walk on a lovely Saturday morning (she waits for me to come down in my sneakers, and then we must go immediately) and later that evening I noticed the poor beast limping pitifully around the house. Yes, my walking broke the dog down to injury. My long walks have caused her pain, so for now I must be mean and leave her behind and the poor thing howls at me. I feel horrible, but I don’t want to keep injuring her.

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