Wednesday, August 6, 2014

confessions: four

I try to live by the rule, Book before Movie. I always like to see how my ideas line up with the movie – would I have made a better movie then the director?

My savings accounts must be divisible by 5. This means that I true up my accounts after each monthly interest accrual. It drives me bonkers otherwise. This is part of loving finance and being a little bit crazy.

Wet shoes make me a cranky pants, but I have ample calves – rain boots I am trying to find you. Would love to know why boots don’t have calve circumferences as an option.

Not too long ago, I fell asleep with my contact lenses in, but didn’t realize it. I then proceeded to put a second pair successfully in my eyes – and thought my vision was just a bit blurry until 3PM when I thought maybe I’d just try to shift the contact in my eye – and found two in there.  Note to self, it’s not allergies, it’s just you being stupid.

I repeat things I know are going to stupid. Like drinking tea on an empty stomach, always makes me feel ill, yet I know I’ll do it again.

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