Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I leave for Belgium in about a week. The only things I know I am doing there is staying in hotels- I haven’t planned a single site to see, a museum to visit, a place to eat. Definitely way under prepared to go.

I do not like Facebook as means of communication –it’s too impersonal for me. I deleted my full account over a year ago and set up one that I do very little with, and it works for me.  Why even have an account? I’ve had to coordinate rides for races and things like that with people I only know through my gym – that’s what made me get a new account.

Currently loving on Luke Bryan – I could listen to that man every day all day long. He’s also fairly easy on the eyes.

My most popular post ever is “ I hate boats”… perhaps the title draw people in? I’ve never had a post read over 100 times before this one.

Almost daily at work, I leave a cup outside the bathroom, get all the way back to my desk and have to go back for my drink. I don’t think I’ll ever remember that I got a refill on my water or tea ever.

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