Monday, September 15, 2014


Can we flash back to 5PM on Friday? No, okay - I just thought I'd check to see if there was any possibility of going back and getting another weekend. This weekend I did feel accomplished, I got a lot of random things done off the to do lists - always a good feeling.

I did a massive Walmart haul for all good things needed to move into the new place in less than two weeks (yay!., I definitely have the essentials covered for a bit, but that's more than helpful for move in day, otherwise I'd have some anxieties about not having paper towels and that would just be annoying.

I finally saw Boyhood, such a good movie. For a movie that was almost 3 hours long I definitely didn't feel like I had sat that long. Such an interesting concept to shoot a movie over 12 years. Is it wrong to secretly hope that there will be a sequel in 12 more years? I think it would still be interesting, although probably harder to keep the storyline as adult lives shift so much more (kids live with their families so easier continuity). Anyway, think about it or make my dreams come true.

Completed the book, Hidden by Catherine McKenzie. This was a good read - definitely not what I expected to happen, I couldn't put this down.

I also packed up my summer clothes that I've had at my parents' house, since it's now in the 40's in the morning I am not going to be wearing summer layers anymore. I miss you summer, see you next year (or maybe a round of Indian Summer in a week or two?).

Hope you had a nice weekend.

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