Friday, September 12, 2014


I am extra excited for Friday this week (can I get a Friday cheer please?). It's been a very long work week and after today, deadline number one for the fall will come and go. I've been living at my office, but that's okay. I actually managed to get through this week feeling good, unlike last year which was an emotional roller coaster. It's great what another year can bring for you.  I am not out of the woods yet for being totally zen, but it's good not to be super frazzled yet.

The major plan for this weekend is to make a massive trip to Walmart for like the 900 things needed to move into my new place. Yay for a new place, boo for needing things like paper towels and dish soap - my to purchase list is a bit frightening. I also need to drop in and make the final payment for my new couch (who's coming to visit?), so it can be delivered the week after I move in. So much to do so little time. I'll also do another HomeGoods trip - why is there so much cute stuff there? To say I am excited about my move is a complete understatement.

In other news, I am really hoping for a better football performance this week, I am currently in last place in my pool and I was knocked out of the survivor pool week one (thanks Bears, you rock!). Last year I won that survivor pool, so I was hoping to make it at least to week two before it was all over. Anyway the silver lining is I am currently leading my fantasy league - thanks to my male co-workers who picked my team while I was on vacation. I promised one guy lunch if the season continues to go well - because I never would have done that well otherwise.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Do something new.

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  1. Well hopefully you got all your shopping done and things are a bit more settled!