Monday, October 17, 2011

be beautiful in this skin

Winter is terror on the skin - cold weather and heating make for a very dry feeling, and unpleasant skin fel. One of my favorite products that can be used for almost anything you can think of is- Aquaphor. I got hooked on it during a visit to one of my favorite couples up in New England a few years back. It's something I've been known to call- nectar of the gods. I consider this a purse, bathroom, or desk must have. I've been known to carry the large container around if I run out of the more compact holders, because I hate not having it with me. I use Aquaphor as a chapstick, blister relief, and particularly in the winter to add a bit of moisture to the hands that get dry from all the handwashing I do to avoid getting sick.  I recommend everyone keep some on hand to keep skin smooth and soft during these cold months ahead.

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  1. haha you know how I feel about this post: LOVE! :)