Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Downtown, waiting for you tonight

Nail envy - I am a frequent suffer of having manicure envy, since every time I get my nails done, I am lucky if it lasts 3 days before the chips start. I tend to looks like the 6 year old who painted her nails, and than started to peel it off. One of my friends had what I could only assume was a very good salon mani, since there were no chips or divots. You can imagine my surprise when I found out she had done her nails at home without a professional assisting her. The secret was a good nail polish- particulary the brand Essie. I picked up these two on a recent run to Target- the darker shade is "downtown brown" which has a nice red undertone, and the pink color is call "in stitches". I can't wait to wear both of these shades this fall, and have a great manicure without having weekly trips to the salon.

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