Tuesday, April 2, 2013

lost and found

Last week I was extremely absent minded and left various things at various places- and really did not expect to find things exactly where I left them, but to my surprise there they were. I left my combination lock that I’ve had forever at the gym, as I like to hang it on the hook inside the locker while I am in and out of it- that does make my life a bit easier than tossing it in my bag and digging for it each round of a wardrobe change. I left the lock on Friday morning, and imagine my surprise when I found this morning- hanging on the hook in the locker- it was like oh hi there Jill – you came back for me (and here I was planning on purchasing a new one after work).  This made my day- all before 9 am…

(photo from Luda Onischuk)

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