Thursday, August 1, 2013

london times

Goodness, it’s August already… where is the summer going? I’ve been working from London this past week, enjoying a bit of a break from the summer heat in good old New York. However, I missing some of the usual creature comforts my fair city offers – like air-conditioned subway travel. The grass is always greener they say. It’s been pretty nice though to be able to walk through new neighborhoods to get to work then my usual routine back home. The first morning,  I was walking through lovely old buildings and then came across this large, gated off building that was very odd looking where it was, my initial thoughts were oh is this a prison, but no it was the American Embassy – I should have known. Anyway hope you are having a lovely week dear readers, I am taking some photos to share with you next week, because it’s not all work but some play this week.

(photo from pinterest)

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