Wednesday, November 6, 2013

hater, wait a couple days…

I had written a post about being all Grinch like because well everyone is getting way too into the holiday spirit so early in November, that walking into stores and seeing Christmas trees on November 2nd was just a little too soon for my liking. Bloggers are already putting out their holiday lookbooks of must have gifts, and I was like I couldn’t even do a solid Halloween post a week ago (you all make me feel shameful). Then I was looking at One Kings Lane  and saw the garland above and was like damn it, now I am thinking about a holiday craft – how can I post about hating that Christmas has started when I am already like do you think I can make this? So much for being a hater, though I made it to November 6 before I was willing to start thinking about holiday projects such as crafts, baking and greeting cards.  I also started my Christmas shopping – sigh.

Now on my current agenda:

  • Get my bum to a craft store to buy fabric, ribbon and everything to make a garland (I don’t sew well, perhaps I can use my glue gun?)
  • Buy holiday cards and start addressing before it gets to the end of December and I give up
  • Bake something that I can use my green and red sprinkles on, potentially gift said baked goods
  • Shop for my mom, dad and sister (Norbs and my brother in law are done)
  • Trying to do some fun creative wrapping this year (no more bags!)

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