Monday, November 18, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner

I am a daddy's girl through and through, honestly I think when I came along the idea of a son was far fetched at that point, so I became my father's football child. I really do enjoy watching football, probably in part is that I could always upstage my sister and spit out some statistic about the Patriots. As someone who works in a male driven industry, I've been an active participant in the football pool for years at the office - it's always my goal to best the guys at work, not necessarily win the pool (small victories count a lot in my book). Anyways, this past year, the football pool guy decided to add a survivor pool to his offerings - something that I have been pretty good in the past. Well this past week, week 11 in the NFL, I finally did it- I am the sole survivor, in a winner take all.  This makes me so excited just to have the bragging rights at work. I couldn't have done this without a few teams helping me along the way, to the Jaguars - thank you for beating the Titans and making a huge upset last week, bringing down most of the boys. I would also like to thank the Cardinals for winning this week, not allowing the Jags two weeks of victories, by picking the Cardinals, I sealed my fate to at least make it to week 12, which would have just complicated my life. Finally, I have to thank the Raiders for defeating the Texans- which knocked out the other guy left in the pool, making me the last woman standing ( I was the last woman in the pool by week 5). I am a very happy person this Monday morning, and better yet, my dad is so proud of my football skills.

football kids photo from pinterest (they were so cute - what can I say, I am cute sucker).

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