Monday, November 11, 2013


I am not waiting for January to start some resolutions up.  Rosie over at Cider with Rosie (she’s so cute, and makes me feel so old) has done a series of Monday morning resolutions for a couple weeks. It was so sweet and endearing to see her promise herself to do something to better herself each week. Most were little goals for the week, which I like – in order to make big changes, sometimes you just have to start with a few smaller tasks.  I want to continue to grow as a person, so why not start having some mini goals each week to help me along the way.

This week’s resolution – become a better commenter on other blogs. I read a ton of blogs, some once in a while, others everyday – but one thing I don’t do a lot of is comment. Personally, I love when people comment on my blog, it makes me really feel like people are reading what I write, so I need to share the love back to others in the world.  My goal is to comment on at least 5 posts by other bloggers this week, leaving a personalized note related to their post.

Do you have any goals this week?

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  1. Thats a wonderful resolution! I have the same problem. I'd like to follow more people as well. Sometimes I comment and totally forget to check out their social media sites

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix